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Her Mom was her inspiration

Sheila Simone has been a fashion designer her whole life. Starting at the young age of 6 years old, her mother, June Simone, was her role model. Clothing and fashion has always been her passion.

Sheila and her mother would go to fabric stores and pick out fabrics and patterns, and sometimes, not finding Sheila’s idea in a ready-made pattern, Sheila encouraged her mom to help her make her own patterns out of brown paper bags at home. Sheila and her mom, together, would create and sew Sheila’s wardrobe for back to school. She then would present her outfits for “Show and Tell” at school. Needless to say, her mom would receive letters from the teacher saying how well dressed Sheila was.

As an owner of a very large salon for 35 years in Southern New Hampshire and also one in Miami, she continued her clothing passion in her salons boutique “Sheila’s Closet”. Sheila would bring back amazing clothes and original designs to her salon during her globetrotting, fashion buying ventures and modeling jobs throughout the world. She produced many fashion shows featuring all her designs.

Now her ideas and inspiration are available to all for purchase in her very own clothing line… Sheila Simone California.